Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why, hello October!

September stats:
Miles run: 210.11
Total number of training runs: 24
Races: 1
Longest run: 22 miles
Shortest run: .8 miles to the metro...
Average miles per day: 7
Calories burned: approx. 17, 230

Still keeping off my ankle, which is feeling much better. Still eating like a runner. However, it was a joint birthday celebration yesterday, and my birthday is today, so its ok to eat insane amounts of food. I'm dying to go run, I feel totally off. I'm hoping recovery is quick and I can get in a sort-of long run this weekend. October running stats are planning on dropping dramatically. However, due to my ankle, I'm gonna try to fit in some small speedworkouts this month in my taper. I have yet to do Yasso 800s!

Since its my birthday and all, I'm thinking ahead. I'm wondering what my goal should be for Boston. I would love to run a 3:09:58 marathon, so that I can say even if I were a male, I would qualify. That's 7:15 minute miles. That's fast. But, I have barely focused on speedworkouts. I don't cross-train or lift weights because I don't have a gym membership. I'm thinking that if I use that 3 month membership that I won, I could get into good shape (well, better shape) pre-Boston training, and then really focus on speedworkouts in the beginning, I could do it. Its a crazy, crazy goal, but it would only be 20 minutes off my goal for MCM and I did that between my last two marathons. 

Also, I really want to run the Richmond marathon on Nov. 14th. I mean, why just do one marathon a season? Its getting there that's tough. I don't have a car and its about 2 hours outside DC.

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