Monday, October 5, 2009


In these, I'm 5'7"... the world looks different in 5-inch heels. They are on my staircase, calling my name.

Twenty days until MCM! I'm extremely restless and its such a beautiful day. I wish I could be out running, but I did a good amount of walking, which was nice enough. Yes, another shoe-related post. I have a couple points to make.
  •  My shoes today are ugly. I've been in flat boots, supportive shoes, or sneakers since Tuesday. I even had to wear flats for my birthday. Its not fair. My ankle needs to feel better ASAP.
  • I read that Achilles tendons (the one I think I strained), are aggravated by the switch from heels (over 2") to flats or running shoes. So, the question is which one do I ditch!?
  • I had no injuries at all, until I switched sneakers. So, was the ankle strain because of overtraining, or my new shoes? Do I go back to the Sauconys for the race? Even though they're shot? My new Asics feel great, and they are a light stability shoe as opposed to the neutral shoe I was wearing. I do like them a lot, now I'm just worried. In the past, I've almost always worn a stability shoe. I mean, I did a lot of miles in the days prior to my strain, it could most likely be from overtraining.
I took three days off after the strain, had a light 5-mile run on Saturday, which felt ok, but then I was sore the rest of the day. I got lost looking for the gym on Sunday--so I ran about 3 miles and felt sore still. Today is an ankle rest day. The rest of the week is comprised of 3 spinning classes, along with a 3 mile run (1.5 to the gym and back). I wanted to try another 5-mile run on Saturday.

Despite my now super-extended and relaxed taper, I still feel pretty confident. I worked really hard, and now its time to let my ankle recover. I'm going to see how I feel toward the end of the week, and maybe I'll still do the 13 mile run planned for Sunday. It'll be an easy 13 miles, of course.

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