Monday, October 12, 2009

Sane and friendly again

I go back and forth all day with one of these thoughts: I miss training already, I can't for December, and Wow, I really don't want to do that again.  I read about people who are only 6 weeks into training, and I thank God I'm finished. But, they talk about 16 mile runs and I get jealous at the same time. I've finally been running again, although my ankle sometimes gets uncomfortable. Most of the time, it feels great.

Friday, I had to stay an hour after work since everything was going wrong with the project I had. I was so upset that I started giving Lucy, the attorney that I love, attitude, snapped at the cashier at CVS, legitimately yelled at a tourist on the metro, and finally called my mom, who was just getting into town, yelling that I needed to go for a run since I was in such a bad mood. Seven miles later, I was much, much more friendly. Who knew I could be such a bitch when things get in the way of me running?

Sunday, I went on a quick 6 mile run with my Aunt's friend, and actually didn't mind running with someone else at all. Most of the time, I really don't like it. We didn't talk very much, still listened to our iPods, and it keeps me from stopping at all or slowing down--which I do sometimes when I'm alone.

Today, I did a 14-mile long run... what the hell!! It was August last time I counted a 14-miler as a long run. I went out to do my thing and just enjoy the long run, my average pace was only 8:30min/mi, but I also forgot to stop the clock a lot. Many times, I was enjoying a really nice, comfortable pace and looked down to see I was under race pace--an uplifting discovery.

I'm pulling a big no-no and also running an extra 3 miles today over to GW to teach a dance for Greek Week. I know 17 miles on a taper day isn't good, but I had a few hours and a meal to recover and I plan on taking it easy. I'll still get there faster than public transportation. Also, I have off tomorrow!
The rest of the week consists of a 6-mile run, a 4-mile speedworkout, and a 4 mile easy run. Saddest thing: on Sunday my long run is only 8 miles.

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