Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its not my fault I can't run slow!


Yesterday, I decided on an 11-mile run instead of the 8 I had planned. I just really wanted to do a decent long run. It was cold, windy, raining and I didn't eat dinner the night before. My breakfast consisted of a pastry and spinach (I had a green craving). I had a cup of coffee and maybe a glass of water. However, I was reading more of Born to Run and as I finished my designated chapter, I was inspired to get out there.

It was cold and rainy. I just had my watch, a long-sleeved shirt and my black yoga pants on. No jacket and no iPod. I was going to get drenched, so I decided a jacket would just hold me down. I felt absolutely fantastic. I was so looking forward to this weekend's long run that I was smiling and moving effortlessly. I always look at other runners, and they almost always look like they're in pain! I never got this.  Not yet a mile in I looked at my watch, feeling like I was at 9:00 min/mi (my usual warm up pace) and I was at 7:20. As I tore down the mall the wind was hitting me hard and I was still way under race pace. I felt as if I leaned over just a bit more, the wind would literally sweep me off my feet and I would start flying. Helloooo runner's high!!

I continued my speed, there were no runners out in the horrible weather in VA. I passed two men at 6:50in/mi pace and for some reason I really love passing men, so this gave me an extra spring in my step. As I was on my last 3 miles home, I stopped at a red light and realized how numb my legs felt. Even worse, when I touched my legs, I couldn't feel that I was touching myself. Since my legs were so cold, I decided to try to keep it at 9:00 min/mi so that I wouldn't strain anything. I really wasn't supposed to be running very fast anyway.

I found this extremely difficult. I kelp creeping back down to 8:30-8:45 pace. It wasn't until I hit Capitol Hill that my ankle felt off again and so I walked up. From there, I was too cold to run fast, although I did catch myself back at that 8:30 pace again a few times. I got home, stripped immediately and curled up next to my space heater as I stretched and ate pasta. Oh how I love living alone.

Overall, it was a great run and I felt fantastic. I really can't wait for Oct 25th. Not for the BQ and the excitement of race day, but mostly so that I can get out there for a 26.2 mile run.

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