Friday, October 2, 2009

And on the third day, she rested again

I'm glad I have a place to rant.

Three days


I took six days off in the entire month of September, and now its been three days since my last run. My ankle is feeling pretty normal today, and so I'm giving it tonight to rest, and then I'm doing an easy 5-mile run tomorrow. Please God let it be healed!

I'm worried about my now super extended taper, so once I get back into it, I'm going to do a couple tougher workouts next week, but focus on recovering from them. I think I've got this though, I know I will be able to do it on race day.

My appetite is still that of a runner, and I'm worried about weight gain. I'm taking advantage of my 7-day Gold's gym pass starting tomorrow, and fitting in some cross training and weight lifting. So, I have some rough plans, my birthday was fun, I have black hair again... life is good.

Oh, and I'm going crazy. Three days!

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