Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Songs of the week: MCM edition

Last night was a total guilty pleasure night. I drank a lot of beer, went to a hockey game, and then got a pint of Ben and Jerry's on the way home and ate it all with the 1/2 apple pie I had left while watching the Disney channel.

Needless to say, I needed to run this morning. I'm still waking up too early, so I headed out for a 3-mile slow jog in the rain. It was an epic fail. My quads are still completely shot. Last night, I was 15 minutes late meeting my friend because the high and steep downstairs escalator for Dupont Circle wasn't working. There was no way I could survive that, so I walked across the Circle and had to use the elevator, and waited another 7 minutes to use it. Yes, I am certain I can do a 100-mile trail run, but walking downstairs two days after a marathon: no way in hell.

The Song of the Week for Sunday's MCM was a tie.

The All-American Reject's Move Along  was almost left off my playlist. I had remembered it last minute, and man did it come at a great time. Just as I was reaching the 23rd Mile Marker, that song pushed through into the last 5k. Its so cliche, but it really pushed me into the right zone.

Run this Town, by Jay-Z, etc. never really made it to Song of the Week, and it deserves it. I kept thinking this was my race, my day, and my city. When Megan ran with me in her GW gear, a group of guys yelled at us saying "This is your town! Your turf! You own this! You got this! Etc..." Man did that pump me up!

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