Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only 10 more days of freaking out to go!

My 5 lb. weight range has always been between 107-112 lbs. Once I was down to 103 and the most I've ever weighed was 117 after my semester in Paris.  I finally bought a scale yesterday and got on to find I'm 120!! How did that happen?! I wasn't too worried about weight gain during the taper until now. And then, I talked myself into some common sense. Its probably mostly muscle, but that a LOT of muscle.

I don't see a huge difference in the mirror, but there are little hints that let you know you are actually losing fat if the scale doesn't tell you. My rings don't fit anymore. I don't fill out my bra cups as much. My clothes don't fit. In fact, today a co-worker saw me and said "Your clothes look really big. I noticed it right away and I hate you." Unfortunately, I'm already a size 00 (don't hate, I'm 5'2" and that's average). So that means I'm going to need to get most of my stuff tailored or find a brand that makes their clothes smaller. But people who make their clothes smaller tend to be more expensive. Sigh.

Also, I've been thinking even more about it. Weighing more means you have a higher metabolism. It means I can eat more at 120 than at 110. I'm also a little sore from my 14 mile run, which is really bad news. I wish I could build up mileage again, but I will resist the urge and stick to my taper plan. Basically, I'm freaking out over every little detail and everything my body is doing. I told you this would happen!

With ten days until the race, I have a lot to tweak. This weekend, I'll review my playlist. I wore my new shirt on Monday, and there was a little chafing, but otherwise I really liked it. My new Sauconys come in today. I'm going to go buy tube socks, and cut off the feet to serve as arm warmers until I get warmed up. I'll be on the lookout for the weather report to see if I need a hat, or if I should switch to pants. Its freezing out today!! I'll wear the same little black shorts that I wore my last MCM if I think it'll be warm enough. The Friday before the race, I'm getting my bangs cut awkwardly short (which I think looks pretty cute) and thinned out a little so that I dont have to worry about them being in the way or not staying back.

In terms of food, this week I'm eating a ton of vegetables, fruit, lentils, whole grains, and I'm sticking to trying to eat meat only three times a week. Since I'm still a little worried about weight gain, no added sugars for me, except for a baking extravaganza on Sunday with my friend Amy. Next Wednesday, I will start adding an extra carb portion to every meal.

Shout out to my awesome mother who visited and brought me about 10 boxes of pasta and a giant jar of peanut butter!

Next Friday, I'll eat a whole, whole lot of carbs. Saturday before the race, I'm going to do the typical Nando's peri-peri as a late lunch with a light dinner and eat as little fiber as possible. Race day, I'll have a yummy bowl of oatmeal and a banana with peanut butter.

I'll be reviewing the race course almost every night before bed so that I have it memorized. The week prior, my bedtime is 8:30-9a.m. and I'll be up by 4:30-5:00 a.m. so that its habit by race day. And, if all goes wrong and I don't get my BQ, then in December I'll be going to Vegas.

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