Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the butterflies fly away....

I've still been mostly freaking out and scared to death, but at the same time crazy excited about Sunday. So, this is my motivational, confidence boosting post.
  • Last night, I put together my "Official MCM Playlist" based on my "Working MCM playlist" which made me sad that I had to make official labels as if I were at work. Its awesome and I know that when I'm out there the music will really make me stay motivated. I also made up a "Pre-Race motivation playlist"...
  • Which starts out with a new song I discovered, and you can all make fun of me more but its the Party in the USA song by Miley Cyrus. I decided to download it for the lap around the mall and I tried it out this morning. Its pretty great and helps me focus on relaxing and not being so nervous. I could just imagine the runner's high at that point, 15 miles in and the ease of moving through the crowd of people. I was all smiles (hell, its three hours later and I'm still all smiles!)
  • I also discovered Run this Town, by Jay-Z, Rhianna, and Kanye. And I went through the course for my playlist, so I had awesome songs for the uphills and all. And so, I'm thinking along the lines of I own this. This is my city. I've been running up those hills for four years! I cross the 14th street bridge about 5 times a week. I've run the MCM before! I have nothing to be worried about.
  • It seems like my 23 mile run was so far away, so I am thinking back on those moments after running 23 miles at hitting 7:45 pace at the end. Also, I'm thinking back on how I felt after my 16 mile race pace run and all the support from the Loop on runnersworld.com. I know that I was prepared, and its been less than a month, so I'm still prepared.
  • Even if I don't get the 3:30 time I want (and its motivating knowing everyone knows what my goal is), I have 10 minutes and 59 seconds before I don't qualify anymore for Boston. That's quite the cushion. I know I can do that.
  • The weather should be awesome. Right now, the forecast is 60's and partly cloudy.
  • There will by hot marines at every water station. In '07, my motivational mantra was Three miles to more eye candy!
  • There will be water stations. Period. I'll be carrying around less weight than on my long runs.
  • I took time off work to go to the Race Expo Friday! So excited!
  • I actually got to bed at 9 last night, and woke up at 5 this morning. Hopefully I will get used to this by Sunday. I had a good 5 mile run, and it felt fantastic!
  • My last race, I did the half marathon at a pace to qualify for Boston, and I didn't even train for it. At all. So, I know I can do it twice now. I have my Garmin to keep me accountable for every mile.
  • I'm trying to have my diet revolve around plants, rather than animal products. The multiple red bell peppers I've eaten should keep my immune system pretty solid. I made a giant batch of this Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil soup, but with butternut squash for the week. I have a ton of left over pumpkin lasagna from my baking and cooking party with my friend Amy. I also decided to start eating salads at breakfast. I love it! It has a high water content so its really refreshing and rehydrating. I had a big bowl of corn for my recovery carbs too. I got green, red, orange, and yellow all in before 8 a.m.! My salad was topped with pear slices, pecans and goat cheese, so I got some protein too!
So yeah, I'm ready for Sunday. I can't wait for Sunday. I will most likely go crazy and doubt myself a bazillion times before Sunday. Sigh.

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