Monday, October 26, 2009

Post-MCM Plans: What I want from 2010

I'm not sure what I want my goal to be for Boston. I'd really like under 3:10, but then I'd really, really like to do under 3 hours. That's really fast, but my body just keeps surprising me and I really think I could do it. My MCM time was 55 minutes below my last, with minimal speed work. Imagine what I could do if I did speed work as planned?! Also, a goal like that will really encourage me to work hard. I knew I could run a 3:40 marathon, and it wasn't until I challenged myself with 3:30 that I got more into training. There is lots of room for improvement.
  •  Pre-training shape. I want to enter training for Boston totally comfortable with a 13 mile long run the first week of training. I will keep up at least 30 miles a week until then. I have a 3 month gym membership and I plan on working on lots of strength training to get my core, hips, and legs in great shape. I also plan on going on a bit of diet, since dieting during training is difficult as hell. I just want to lose some extra fat that can slow me down. I love my body now, this isn't a body image issue, its more of an issue with looking like the runner and athlete that I am.
  • Cross-training. I don't do it. Period. And, that needs to change. I will start with cycling classes at the gym, and after that membership prize dies I want to go on and off with monthly access to boxing classes (which I think I will love) and a pool. This will help me stay injury free and test my body in new ways. Also, I want to start hiking and rock climbing! I will replace easy miles with cross-training sessions.
  • Speed Workouts. I usually dread them, but this time around I'm going to focus on them in the beginning to get my speed down to where in needs to be for a sub-3 marathon. Then, I have 2 months to get used to it. However, I refuse to run so much that its not fun anymore. If I really start to feel burned out, I'll take a rest and do runs that I want to do (long runs)!
  • Run/life balance. MCM training technically started in June, but my July was horrible. I got stuck in a mid-summer slump and then I had to make up for it in August and September. If I really work through 4 months of training, I'll be able to fit in more of a social life. Also, I know I won't want to run out in the freezing, dark mornings, and so I'm switching my workout time to after work. On off days, I can make plans with friends, or get dinner together. And then on weekends, I'll be able to stay up past 10p.m.
Those are Boston plans, but I also want to work on my life and running style. This starts this week when I've recovered from MCM.
  • Barefoot training. Now that I've read Born to Run and purchased a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, I'm making the switch over to these minimalist shoes. I'll take it slow, but I hope to strengthen my legs and feet so that I'm not dependent on orthotics and there is less of a chance that I get injured. Plus, I hate being dependent on good shoes and orthotics.
  • Food. I mean, I eat pretty damn well, especially for an American. But, I've been reading up on animal products and I want to start limiting them and focusing on a plant-based diet. No, I will not become vegetarian or vegan, its just changing the focus of my diet. I'll get plenty of protein through whole grains and legumes.
Now that everyone thinks I'm turning into a barefoot, trail- running, vegan, hippie, I'll throw another curveball. I want to start running ultras. I've been wanting to do this since last winter, and I've been stalking the world of ultra-running the last few weeks and not only am I ready to do it, but looking at 100-mile mountain races made the marathon look like a 5k. So, I'm gonna start running on trails more and looking for more hills in the area. Next fall, I'm planning on my first ultra.Why? Because all through training I end my long run and just want to do another one. I really hate speed-work, and I'd prefer to challenge myself with longer distances. If I can throw in a 55 mile weekend as part of a training plan, hell yeah I'm signing up!

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