Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'd rather be running

Ok, I'm allowed at least two more of these.
I'm going crazy!

I really, really hate the taper. Everything I do, I'm thinking: "I'd rather be running." My ankle is feeling better so I'm thinking 8 miles tomorrow and 14 on Sunday. I'll feel so wonderful that I may cry. The spinning classes have been a lot of fun, but I obviously prefer running.

The thing that drives me most crazy is my appetite. I'm hungry all the time, but I'm sooo worried about weight gain. I really wish  I had a scale because I really can't trust the mirror. As an example, yesterday I had a gigantic veggie burrito from Baja Fresh... as a snack. Along with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And never did I feel full. The worst is I'm still immersed in reading a book about running, following blogs, following people on twitter... and all I want to do is run out the door and go for a long run. I'm guessing that my first mile at MCM will be a 6:30 mile because I'll be so excited to finally run it.

So, if I decide to shave my head, jump off a bridge, or attack innocent people with an umbrella... Don't sweat it, all I'll need is a good run to get me on track.

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