Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome Christmas Presents

When the Christmas shopping season was starting, I had been counting on qualifying for Boston. I was looking forward to winter training, but I was running 5-6 times a week and always doing laundry because of the countess shorts, tanks, socks, and bras I went through. I had one set of cold running gear, and I knew that would be a problem. So, I asked for cold running and trail gear for Christmas, and my family really delivered!

From my parents I got a lightweight reflective jacket--something to wear over my fleece in the winter, or during summer night runs, a matching headband, and Brooks pants.

I also got an under-armor shirt in a lovely bright green and black tights.

My grandmother did a great job and I got a black performance shirt, an adorable red vest, and a FILA sport jacket.

My Aunt got me a hydration pack. (and the newest Armani perfume and a great bottle of wine)

So, I'm all ready to go! Yes, I'll still need to do laundry every week, but at least its not every day!


  1. what spectacular running gifts you got! Wow! Lucky you!!!

  2. Brittany, I found your blog. I will check your Boston progress on here. Good luck and Happy New Year.

    Ohio Runner 54