Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Training log: Dec. 28

Hold on people, I think I actually enjoyed my first speed-workout!

I know that I usually talk about how much I hate speed-workouts, and if I had the chance to run 20 miles a day, I'd prefer that to never doing 800 repeats again. But yesterday, I did four speedy laps and four recovery laps around Lincoln Park, and just being able to open up and really run, felt amazing. Lincoln Park's outer path is .45mi around, or 725 meters (about). So, its not exactly 800s (and I definitely take that into account) but with my watch on autolap based on position, it works out perfect so I can grab my water bottle for my recovery lap.

My splits were 2:59, 3:09, 2:57, and 2:55. The 3:09 is because the auto-lap confused me, and it beeped before I set my water-bottle down, so I was stationary for a few seconds there. I basically was at a 6:30ish min/mi pace, which is definitely not fast enough for speed-workouts, but then it was my first one. Next week, I'm doing six laps, but I wanted to give myself a week to adjust to speed training.

I found a great link describing the Boston course, and it really does scare me. Maybe I'll shoot for that bigger PR at another race! I decided I needed to really focus on that hill training, so I'm going to be taking the metro up to MD and run down into DC. I need to get my quads ready for all those downhill miles.

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