Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cancelled classes, a tweet-up, and one hell of a workout

After the snowpocolyspe, the Federal Government was closed yesterday and I got to stay home. A Twitter friend, Joeruns26, asked if I'd like to go running with him that morning. He's very fast, and he's run Boston before, so I thought it'd be a lot of fun. We met at 8:30 (Well, 8:40 for me, I'm always late) and headed out for a lap around the mall. Unfortunately, it was still covered in ice and packed snow. I did 7 miles in 1:06, but I didn't turn it off during my walking break when I left him off and such. We definitely had some higher pace running in there, but he had special screws on his shoes for the ice and I was just petrified of twisting my ankle. 

I did learn that frozen fruit smoothies after a winter run=a really bad idea. After running again, the most sore body part is actually my abs/core. I wonder if its because I'm keeping it very tense while running on the ice.

After, I went to the gym and found that all the classes were canceled. I did a really strong upper body and core workout. I did planks until I was nauseous and my upper body workout was so tough (man, I'm feeling it today) that I couldn't lace up my boots without my arms and shoulders shaking. After the workout, I went to Harris Teeter for some groccery shopping, and got 35 pounds worth of grocceries (I weighed it when I got home).

My refrigerator had been empty, so I really needed most of these items. Walking 1.2 miles home, with my gym bag and 35 lbs. of food, through slush, ice and snow was probably the most tiring part of my day. Especially, after all that upper body work!

I was only supposed to do 3 miles yesterday, and I really want to be running consistently so that my body get used to it, but if I keep my 3 and 5 mile runs this week and my long run this weekend, that's 35 miles. Which is way, way too high my first week back. BUT, I think that the 5 and 3 mile runs are so short that I'm ok, and I know I can run 13 miles, and so I'd really like to. I thought about maybe keeping my weekly miles at 35 for the next 4 weeks, and that can get my body used to it before I start cranking it back up. After two 7 mile runs, I'm not really sore. So, that's a good sign. Is this a bad plan? Thoughts?

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