Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yesterday I sang Taylor Swift during sprints

Mid-monster month for MCM, a lot of my friends (mostly casual friends) thought I was running my first marathon. I guess this was because of how seriously I was taking my training this time around, my lack of going out, and facebook/twitter updates galore about running. Truth is, it was my third, I just never trained hard. My first two marathons, I didn't do speed training, I didn't research running, I didn't even know what a split was. I had multiple 4.5, 6, and 8-mile routes what I did during the week, and a long run on the weekend that went from 8 miles at first to18 miles for my first marathon and 20 miles for my second. I didn't know what my VO2 max was, and I just went out and logged miles.

Now, looking back I shake my head and wonder how I made that 14 minute PR when I didn't change anything, and also how I even managed to finish my first one without any walking breaks (except at water stations, I still don't understand how people can run and drink at the same time). I just really loved running, and the workouts didn't matter has much as lacing up my shoes and logging the miles. Just by making a structured training plan, and incorporating a few speed workouts here and there, some hilly runs, and getting a garmin, I took 55 minutes off my PR.

So, the whole point of that bit, is that I've always been a runner, and this post is actually about something I've been relying on with my injury: spinning classes.

A few summers ago, I ditched running for spinning classes 4x a week, and now I'm reminded why. For a while there, I wondered how I did it, but I've discovered that I really love them! They're so fun, and with such high energy! I feel like every class is focused on intensity, while running always seemed very relaxing to me. For some reason, I find it easier to push myself on the bike, when I can either take off the resistance and sprint, or add it on and go nice and slow. There are so many ways to mix it up, all within an hour!

Over the thanksgiving weekend, I did one 90 minute spinning class that was just fantastic. I've also started loving the instructor at Gold's Gym Midtown location on Tuesday nights. Her name is Peri, and she has such great energy, great music, and switches it up every class. Last week, we did a class of all jumps. Yesterday I came up with the term "ache-ful pleasure" for my level 7 resistance. I'm proud of my new term (wow, I'm such a masochist)... really though, when you get to those high levels and you can really feel it all through your glutes, I really enjoy it.

Last week, I did a full leg and hip and core workout for the 45 minutes before the spinning class, and man was I feeling it the next day. I've never really done hip strength training, and hopefully this will improve my running. I'm focusing on quad workouts so that I can rock that 13 mile downhill at the start of Boston. Overall, this gym membership is getting me pumped up. My toe is starting to feel a lot better, so I can't wait to lace up again and hit the pavement!

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