Boston Marathon

The whole point of this blog was to motivate me to qualify for Boston, so I thought I would highlight those posts.

I really started talking about Boston when I knew I could qualify for it. In September 2008, I wrote a post that I simply titled I GOT THIS.

Then I hurt myself (typical).

I qualified at the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:22.

I made a bunch of big plans and then broke my toe.  I received my Boston Marathon entry confirmation.  I started training again (too hard) and then hurt my IT band.

After being out for two weeks, I slowly crept up my miles to learn from my mistake. I decided in February to deter to Boston 2011... until I found out that I didn't get reimbursed. As I slowly added on the miles, I found that my training was going so well, that I decided to run all of the National Marathon.

I set up the perfect playlist and got really excited to complete a goal I had for months.

My parents finally got to see me run a marathon while visiting Boston for the first time.

I ran the Boston Marathon in 3:35.  I ran it so hard that I couldn't walk the next day. It was my first bad race, but that made it mean that much more.