Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playlist necessities

I'm not going to post my Boston Marathon playlist, since there are way too many embarrassing songs. But for anyone looking for some new additions or ideas, or need a power song, here are some playlist necessities:

I Made it Kevin Rudolf- when just getting to the start line was a huge accomplishment
Its My Time Fabulous- LOVE THIS SONG
Sexy Bitch David Guetta- "they say she needs to slow down, the baddest thing around town"
Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi- At 13.1... ooohhh we're halfway there
You can do it Ice Cube- ...put yo ass into it. This is my hill song.
Eat you up BoA- a new find today and I think I like it...
The War Angels&Airwaves- I love the "why won't you tell me that its almost over" at mile 20 or so...
Halo/Walking on Sunshine Glee cast- This is my fav song to come onto my playlist mid-run. Its just so upbeat and happy! The walking on sunshine part is just perfect for reminding me that I love running. I swear if you put it on you'll get a solid two minutes of awesome running in with a smile on your face!
Baby Got Back Sir Mixalot- No explanation needed.
Remember the Name Fort Minor- Best pump-up song
Run this Town Jay-Z, Rhianna, and Kanye- Again, no explanation needed when "run" is in the song
Don't go Breaking my Heart Elton John- for right before I should be hitting heartbreak hill
Heartbreaker Mariah Carey- for Heartbreak hill
Lose Yourself Eminem- gets me all competitive feeling
Move Along All-American Rejects- Got me through mile 23 at MCM
Alice Avril Lavigne- Great song for the end of the race
Bombs Over Baghdad Outkast- Once, I held <6:00 pace to this whole song. Its magical. 

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  1. Great playlist! The War is currently my favorite song :) I am obsessed with AvA