Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm pretty sure that the worst thing about running injuries, is that you're just fine, and then in one moment there is a pull, a twinge, a break, or an ache, and then weeks of recovery that interrupt your training schedule, your endorphins, your race plans... basically your life.

I've decided my knee pain (which went from light while running to HOLY CRAP THAT HURTS) is IT-band related. From what I've read, this can last from two weeks to two months. It was feeling really good, so I decided to try running on Saturday, and I lasted about 15 seconds. I've done research and found out what I was doing wrong:
  • A hilly race followed by a hilly run (it was hurting on the downhills)
  • Too much too soon (I was really focused on recovering from every run but I still should have took it slower)
  • Running on the edges of streets, and always on the left, so that the left leg was always a grade lower than my right
  • Too much running on sidewalks and cobblestones (I did a lot of speed-work around Lincoln Park and decided to go from the dirt path to the cobblestone--bad call)
I'm not going to let this stress me out. If it kills my Boston training, its ok. If I need to defer the National Marathon, no big deal. Luckily, I have fallen in love with swimming, I have a gym membership, and I can cross-train all I want.

I bought a foam roller today, and I plan on stretching twice a day, and icing it everyday after working out. Since I'm not running, I'm cutting out sweets and trying to lose a few pounds while I don't have to deal with a raging appetite.

My everyday stance regarding stress is that nothing is worth breaking out, gaining weight, and getting wrinkles. When I start to stress, I think about all the money I spend on skin care products, worrying about this is not worth a new pimple. 

I am not stressing out. I am not stressing out. I am not stressing out.


  1. You will be back before ya know. Best wishes B.

  2. At least you're not stressing out. You have plenty of time to get back in top form for Boston and I'm sure you'll make it happen.

    In the meantime, stay active and recover.

    All the best,


  3. You have the right attitude. Foam roller, strengthening, crosstraining. You know the drill, girl. Get to work.

    Stay inspired! Think about being on the other side of Boston- how you'll look back on your Boston experience, and all you had to overcome to make it happen. The work you do now will be rewarded later.

    Go get 'em.


  4. Thanks guys, I'll be doing my best!!