Saturday, January 16, 2010

JFK 20k: Race report!

This morning was the JFK 20k, hosted by the DC Road Runner's Club. It was the perfect way to end my "getting faster and building base miles" section of training, and a great way to start adding stamina. I also got to test out how much my fitness has recovered from the weeks I took off to let my toe heal.

I was running late (obviously) and arrived at the Rosslyn metro, yawning, and remembered that I forgot to drink coffee!!!! So I grabbed a cup and drank it as I walked across the bridge to the start line. It was a small, $5 race, with no bag check, t-shirt, or anything. It was unorganized... but it was $5 so I didn't expect much. There was one water stop at the turn-around, and two more for a team (I took one). It was an out-and-back course, out going mostly uphill and back mostly downhill.

My splits were (Mile: time - elevation gained/elevation loss)
1: 7:22 - 224/315
2: 7:29 - 24/0
3: 7:30 - 35/8
4: 7:42 - 71/0
5: 8:00 - 112/62
6: 7:35 - 76/35
7: 7:45 - 32/2
8: 7:22 - 33/101
9: 7:31 - 68/139
10: 6:53 - 24/101
11: 7:07 - 137/137
12: 7:02 - 84/55
13: 3:05 - 0/73

My watch says 12.4 miles exactly, at 1:32:27, but I remember the clock saying 1:31:-- when I passed it and I had left my watch on for a bit before remembering to turn it off.  So, the course may have been a little short, or I lost some feed going under the tunnel. I got 8th place (among women) and almost reached my 1:30 time goal. There were some big patches of ice that were hard to run on, and add getting stuck behind a group of runners over the run-able portion (ggrrr)... I would have probably been able to do it. Also, I had to pee the WHOLE time. Coffee right before running is not a good idea.

Also, did you notice I got a super negative-split!?! Well, that was easy with that hilly course, but I was very mindful of starting out easy, and taking those hills based on effort. I tried passing people on the way back, and apparently I played rabbit for a few guys. I almost beat the one I was trying to chase down, but I couldn't pull ahead of him.

I'm pretty happy with my time, I put forth an honest effort and yet I wasn't dead at the end. I high five-ed my friend Joe, ran into a fellow Loopster from Runner's World (phoenixshade), and spoke to some really nice people afterward. Then, I went to the gym and got a solid core and arm workout in!

My playlist today was awesome, with a lot of great dance, rap, and pop music (all the great, guilty pleasures)... I decided today that running a race is kind of like going to a dance club: have a great time, listen to good music, and chase down boys :)


  1. Thanks for the high five! Nice write up and great job on the negative splits! The downhill will be good prep for Boston.

  2. speedy speedy speedy! Wow!! I love small cheap races!!

  3. Looks like your training is going great. Keep it up and have a good week.

  4. Enjoyed the post! Way to negative split. Sounds like training is going well!