Monday, January 18, 2010

Training Log: Jan. 11 - 18

Last week was my week to take a break, including a 12-mile long run (the JFK 20k) and only 30 miles for the week. I feel good, except today I thought I could do a tough workout since I took yesterday off completely, and I plan on cross-training tomorrow. But my knee started feeling off (which has never really bugged me before). I don't feel particularly tired from the running, so I don't think I'm adding too much too soon. I think the problem was the terrain and that I've completely forgotten about my orthotics, and I should probably be wearing them still for longer runs.

Interval run (7 miles): I was shooting for a warm up, two 7:30 miles and two 7:00-7:15 miles, then my run home. My splits were 7:32, 7:33, 7:08, 7:26. Mediocre, but I was feeling pretty dead that day. I really should just start taking Mondays off!

Spinning class (1 hour): My favorite instructor, Jennifer, was subbing, which was awesome! And I got in an upper body workout.

Speed-workout Part I (3.5 miles): I only got half my workout in because of girly-time induced gelato cravings, but I got 3:04, 2:58, 3:04 splits.

Easy run(6 miles) and speed-workout Part II(3 miles): My easy run was at a 8:33 average pace, and the Part II splits were 3:00, 3:07, 3:01.

JFK 20k: Went pretty well, felt good after! Went to the gym and did a core and arm workout.

The Sadistic, Evil, Progression, Hilly, Run (Forever labeled SEPHR) (9 miles): Three laps of this:

Need I say more? It went well. I did the first lap at a 9:15 avg pace--real easy. The second at 9:01, and the third, I shot for 8:30, but my knee really actually started to bother me, so I cut the run short (I wanted to do 4 laps) and got my classic ham and cheese croissant for recovery. Yum!

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  1. You had a great week! Take care of that knee. Don't you hate wearing orthotics? It totally blows my whole barefoot running thing.