Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gelato is not a good substitute for GU

Clearly, I give really good advice.  If you don't follow me on twitter (@BeeZales) you should, because I give useful tips such as:

Yesterday, I forgot to put gloves on. Don't ever run without them in Dec., it was painful. I will never make that mistake again.

I know none of you ever thought to wear gloves when its freezing outside! Yesterday I almost wrote this piece of advice down, but I think its best with an explanation:

Before doing a workout that usually makes you a little nauseous, don't eat a half pint of gelato.

Just in case you were all thinking of trying it, that's my advice. Last night, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work, since I was out of oatmeal, bread, and curry powder--all essential! I was going to grab a bar of dark chocolate, but this is at an organic market that has great bulk items, but otherwise is way too expensive. $4 for a bar of chocolate? No, thanks.

On my way home, I decided instead to get some sorbet at the gourmet market. They have, hands down, some of the best ice cream ever. I went in, and saw that they had my favorite: Chocolate-Hazelnut gelato. Not only is this like frozen nutella, but it also has crushed hazelnuts, which makes it taste like the gelato version of the Ferrero Rocher chococlates. Plus, if you bought a pint of this brand, you got their Lemon-Basil sorbet for free. My decision was made.

I got home, and decided to try the Lemon-Basil sorbet, which sounded interesting, and then I needed a sample of my Chocolate-Hazelnut gelato. Since I was decked out in cold gear, I found the situation pretty funny.

Imagine a runner, decked out in night-cold gear, sneaking in spoonfuls of gelato before heading out the door. Yup, that's me right now.
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Then, I hit a patch of delicious crushed hazelnuts, so I took one more spoonful.

And by spoonfuls, I mean an entire serving.
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And by an entire serving, I mean half a pint. This happens a lot, I find not finishing the entire pint to be impossible. I've tried everything and it doesn't work. But I was ready for speed-work (which usually makes me a little nauseous to begin with) and so I shrugged, put it away, drank some water, and went out to run.

You know what, I'm gonna work extra hard, so I make all my splits,and then I can blame the ice cream and have an excuse to do this everyday
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I actually did do 3x800 (1/2 my workout) really well. The speed-work didn't bother me, but then I'd have a swig of water and on my recovery lap I would fight down the nausea. Finally, on my fourth lap, I couldn't do it anymore. I got sick (is this what they call exercise bulimia?) and went home. To be fair, I burned all the calories, and was too sick to eat dinner, so if anyone wants a diet based on ice cream, this is a great choice!

Yes, a really silly decision. I will do my planned 5 mile fartlek run tonight, and then head back to the park for my last 3 laps. This time, I'll stick to genuine simple carbs (like dried fruit) for my pre-run snack.

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