Gear recommendations

Here is a list of things I use and love. I don't get any money for recommending these because I'm sort of a nobody :)

Nathan's woman-specific race vest and hydration pack
I used this pack at Grindstone and found that I forgot it was even there.  There is just enough space for water, food, emergency supplies, and some extra clothing. The front of the vest has compartments for easy access during the race. It didn't bounce, it sits low (Nathan is one of few brands who make running specific packs to compliment your center of gravity), and the weight is evenly distributed. I bought a different water system (Platypus brand, found here) since Nathan's has bad reviews.  You can also see the men's styles here.

Running Skirts' Ultra Swift Running Skirt (brief)
Throughout my running history, I always suffered from chafing even when I wore the smallest shorts I could find that didn't look like underwear. I decided to try a running skirt and the first time I wore it, during a 50k, I had no chafing at all! I've been hooked ever since. The Ultra Swift skirt has 3 pockets (one in the back) and they are very useful, except I've found that over time, putting things in the back pocket causes the skirt to slip down while I'm running. Still, 100 miles and no chafing makes that totally forgivable. Plus, I can wear it on group runs and not feel awkward at the bar later when my bum is totally on display in little, tight running shorts!

Camelbak Quick-Grip water bottle
I love this water bottle so much, that I have two. It keeps water cold (and beer! and strawberry frozen margaritas!); it has a very comfy handle with a pocket perfect for credit cards, a key holder, and gels; it's a good size for my small hands and squeezes easily; and, it is easy to lock and unlock. 

Hammer Nutrition
I used to never use gels. I thought they were just pure chemicals and I'd rather have real food. Then, I came across Hammer one day at REI, and now I'd recommend their entire nutrition line. The gels are all pretty good (espresso has lots of caffeine but it's a little too sweet) and Montana Huckleberry (as shown) is amazing. It will change your life! Raspberry is delicious too and actually contains raspberry puree!

The Perpetuem powder is my most recommended way of getting through any race longer than a marathon. It has protein, lipids, and carbs (plus caffeine if you get the caffe latte) and you can make it into any consistency you'd like. I also ate some food, but I know people who run 100s on nothing but this stuff. It's also really tasty. I thought after drinking it for 32 hours I would want to vomit, but I kept drinking it throughout the race and never got sick of it.

I recommend getting the small snack bags that are 1/2 a sandwich zip-lock bag  for one serving, depending on your desired consistency. Then when you need to refill, just cut off a corner and dump it into your water bottle. Otherwise, the stuff can get very sticky. My one complaint is that it is hard to keep it from clumping in the water, but otherwise, it's a must-have product.
I don't use this too much on the trails because I take salt tablets and I don't want different flavors in my hydration system, but I recommend nuun for road runners and for small, week-day trail runs. Mostly, because it's not loaded with sugar and calories. It has hardly nay calories and is pure electrolytes. Some people don't like that it's fizzy and it can upset your stomach, but mine handles it really well!