Monday, December 28, 2009

On 'dem back country roads

This weekend's long run consisted of 14 miles in west Pennsylvania. I headed out for the run in weather conditions that went off and on between snow and rain, with nothing but shoes, clothes, and my iPod. I tend to forget that 14 miles is actually quite long and that I should bring water and some clif shots or sports beans.

I had also forgotten that this was Pennsylvania, and I would not only be doing 14 miles, but 14 hilly miles.

When I got to my turn-around point, I was amazed to see the hill I had just climbed, and took in the beautiful scenery. I didn't hit any traffic lights, and only had to stop running  for cars once! As I strolled along, I envied those that got running conditions like this everyday (yes, even in the rain/snow mix!)

... then I nearly stepped in a deer carcass.

... then a truck flew by me and covered me in water and rocks.

It was a really great run. I got a horrible blister. It took quite a bit out of me (I needed a nap an hour later). But, I'll be glad to return to the Mount Vernon Trail. The 14.17 miles took me 1:57:05. My average pace was 8:15min/mi, but those hills killed me! Two on my splits were close to 9:00min/mi pace, because the entire mile was uphill. But, I pushed through best I could! First long run = success!

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  1. Nice run! Hill training now will pay dividends in April at Boston!