Friday, January 1, 2010


I have a few different 2010 goals: get out of debt, find a new job and figure out what I actually want to do with my life, and run faster and longer.

I know that I originally said that I wanted to move on and start running trails and ultras, taking the focus off marathons and road running. I've been researching trail running and ultramarathoning, and found that training for one requires you to focus on long, slow runs. And, that usually people get slower.

Since I'm only 22 and I've only been marathoning for three years, I'm going to postpone it and focus on mastering the marathon and getting faster. I'm going to shoot for the JFK 50-miler or the Mountain Masochist for 2010. The JFK-50 isn't really a trail race, and so that's my first choice. I think that it would be a good plan to split the year as you would training: get fast, work on maintaining speed over long distance, lengthen long runs, then focus on endurance, race, then rest. I want to get my speed up there during Boston training, and then try to maintain that speed for 50 miles. Why not kick ass by taking time to really train for that distance and do well?

Also, I love running with all I have, so I'm doubting whether I'd be good at storing my energy for something like a 100k or 100M race. Also, I'd rather train for that when I have a car to drive out to trails.

I don't want to start focusing on trail running, and lose my speed. It would be frustrating to get it back. I don't want  to look back and wonder if I could be faster. I would love to do Grindstone on my birthday, but I want to work toward a better marathon PR. Not to mention, it would be an expensive endeavor to take up that kind of running. I'd need a ton of new gear, and it would require a trip to get my 50-mile qualification experience.  I've thought a LOT about this, and talked it over with friends and family. Its a hard goal to give up, since I said that I'd do it, but I really will one day! Its just not the best for this year.

I don't get to offer up numbers for this year, since I didn't start recording miles until MCM training. But, this year I ran my first 5k and 10k, winning my 5k, and I got a 55 minute marathon PR, a 7 minute half-marathon PR, and a 10k PR, all at MCM. That was definitely a huge achievement, and I can't wait for the upcoming marathon season.

Happy New Year everyone, in 10 minutes I'll get another post up from my run today.

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