Monday, September 14, 2009

Song(s) of the week: Lady Gaga's Fame

So, I cross-post this on Runner's World, and actually get lots of fun comments. In a comment about my Weird Running Dream post, Flying Welshman said that it "shows you have this race so well planned/trained out that the only thing that could stop you is an unprecedented event like a backlog at the finish line." I like this point a lot.

My mom also calls me and talks to me about what I wrote. For example, last night she said she remembers when I was signed up for tee-ball as a little girl, and my legs were so tiny that it would take forever for me to run from base-to-base. Apparently the words "that girl will never be a runner" came out of her mouth. Funny! We then found out that she actually has the week of the Boston Marathon off from work, so her and my dad are going to come watch me race if, God willing, I qualify. I'm very happy about this.

As for my music recommendation for the week: The whole Lady Gaga Fame album. Just buy it and disperse the songs throughout your running/workout playlist and thank me later. I already had/loved Just Dance, LoveGame, and Poker Face, but this week I was introduced to the rest of her album and I can't stop listening to it.

True Blood finale was ok last night, not enough Alexander Scarsgard for me. I didn't get to bed until 11:30 and still got 8 hours of sleep, so I'm doing my easy 6-miler tonight.

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  1. Awesome recommendation! I'm desperately seeking new songs for my long-run mixes for my own MCM training, and I'm totally downloading this! Also: This Jersey girl loves her some Bon Jovi.