Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Q and A with Brittany

I'm currently training for my first half marathon.... I've just hit a wall in that my body basically gives up at mile 7. I eat well, sleep lots, strength train... but around mile 6 I start to self destruct and am walking by mile 7. I have another 7 weeks until the half so I have some time but am worried about my training completely stalling out. If you have any helpful resources or things to check out, I'd really appreciate it. :)

- Julia
I love, love, love runnersworld.com. They have forums, and "The Loop" to connect with runners and basically an article on everything. From what I know and have read, I would suggest two workouts:

First, shoot for an 8-9 mile run for your long run this weekend, but plan in the walking. You need to get your body used to moving and being on your feet for that long. So run for two miles, and then walk for half a mile, and take the recovery time seriously. I know when I recover from tempos I set my recovery pace still too high and I get burned out really quickly. Try to get the last 3 miles in without walking.

Gradually decrease walking time and build up miles. Week after shoot for 10 miles with 0.3 mile walking, for example.

Second, mile repeats. Try for 5-6 miles mid-week at goal race(or even a little quicker), and give yourself a good minute or two to walk and recover. This will build your VO-max.

Make sure when you are running, you aren't just out logging miles. I did that the first marathon I trained for. Have a point to each workout. Tempo runs will help build on your lactate threshold (when your body stops can't provide the energy anymore and uses lactate acid--which is what causes muscle burn). Speed workouts, such as mile repeats, help build speed. Try to find some nearby hills to run up and down. Working on all these aspects during the week will strengthen your long run.

Some important points: Make sure you do an easy day beforehand, or take a day off to let your body fully recover for the long run. If its hot out, drink a sports drink if you are out for more than an hour. Make sure you eat a small meal before hand. This will keep your energy up.

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  1. Hi Brittany! I just wanted to thank you for your advice after I got the chance to apply it for the last couple of weeks. I finished my first 10 mile training run today and I did it in 1:50:32.... which is crazy fast for me, especially considering that 3 weeks ago I was pretty sure that I'd never make it past 6 miles. So thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!

    I hope your taper is going well and that the MCM is amazing as you're hoping!!