Friday, September 11, 2009

After work run--a success!

Activity Details for 7.5- Mile better-than-race-pace run (stair workout not included) (shared via AddThis)

I always think I'll hate running after a long day at work, but every time I do it, it ends up being a really solid workout. I have a training rule where if I don't do my morning run, I have to cancel plans and do it in the evening. Unfortunately, yesterday's sleeping in until 8 a.m., evening run, and late night kept be in bed this morning too. I have a date with a tall, dashing Brit this evening though that I refuse to cancel on!

Yesterday, I felt like I was running on air. I did a decent job of keeping the pace under 8 min/mi. Its difficult when you have to stop at streets and such, and then you have to slow down and pick it up again. Last night's motivation was the impending clouds of rain I was racing against. I got home when it was lightly sprinkling, and so didn't get wet. It was a really great workout, but I was fatigued and just wanted to sit around lazily once I got home. I stretched, made dinner, showered and went to bed, only to lay awake until past 11. So frustrating!

It was hard to get out of bed and outside (I did get dressed and everything) when I knew it was cold and rainy and I felt like I just finished my evening run. All I wanted to do was something other than run, and so I caved and made breakfast, coffee and sat reading in bed for a 1/2 hour. It was really nice to not have to rush in the morning. Maybe I'll have only one drink tonight and get 3 miles out this evening.

Tomorrow is the Bolt for Babies 5k in VA. This is my first 5k ever. I just jumped right into marathons. I don't remember the last time I ran only 3 miles, so I don't know how to gauge it, but I'm sure I can run three 7 min miles, with a quick finish. 20 minutes sounds good and level so I'm gonna shoot for that. I'm running it with my friend Jaclyn who is a new runner and just hopes to finish it. I love running with friends so it ought to be a good time.

Regarding evening running, I hate getting up to a cold morning, and so I'm thinking this winter I'll start running after work, and then I can shower and get to bed at 11:30/midnight or so, like a normal person, and then I can sleep in until 7:45ish if I dry my hair before bed. This article helped convince me. That way, its not such torture to run and its a little warmer outside. I never thought I would miss the hot, humid DC summer, but I'm already complaining about the cold!

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