Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'll blame it on the humidity

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you need to run, either from something or to somewhere important, and you just can't move fast enough? Where it feels like you're running through water and as hard as you try, you cannot get your legs to move very fast?

During this morning's speedworkout, I actually pinched myself. I thought, I must be dreaming. I could barely move. As I tried to get around, lap after lap, along the dirt path of Lincoln Park, I couldn't push myself. I couldn't get my heart rate up, my speed was lagging, and I was so close to giving up after about 4 laps, that I started walking home.

I stopped myself.

I wouldn't be able to make up these miles tonight and I had just taken a day off. I needed to push through this. At one point, my ankle rolled in and I had to walk back to my starting point. My hamstring is still tinging from my hilly run, which scares me. It was slightly raining. It was over 80% humidity--which probably led to the feeling of me running through water. I felt heavy, and full, and I was exhausted. I had woken up multiple times throughout the night. I cut calories yesterday, which may have added to my energy drop.

Usually, I would run the .45 mile lap in 3 minutes, today, I was averaging 3:20/30. When I stopped to rest, I was so tired I could barely walk. But, I did it. I did my 4 miles worth. Granted, when I got home I didn't have time for a core workout, but I'm happy I pushed through it, no matter how miserable it was. I have all day to rest and recover for a double run tomorrow. I'm doing a 7-mile tempo workout in the morning, with 3 miles of 7 min pace to get ready for my Saturday 5k. And then I'm going to run another 3 miles that evening at 7 min miles to make up for my awful "speedworkout" this morning.

I've re-read this hours later, and after reading an article on Make the most out of a bad run. I think my problem is my diet yesterday (and the day before). I've decided I eat too large of portions, and tried cutting them pretty harshly. I was hungry all day yesterday, and still an hour after dinner, but I didn't allow myself anything of real substance (frozen mango and tea don't count). When recovering from 11 miles of a really hilly course, this was a bad call. No wonder I had no energy this morning. I've attempted to cut calories and train before, and it was a massive failure that time around too. So, I'm back to normal today. I have a salad for lunch, but I'm having pasta and chicken sausage for dinner tonight to fuel up for a 10-mile day tomorrow.

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