Friday, August 28, 2009

Weird running dream

FYI, I dreamed about my upcoming marathon last night. That, and I'm still not sleeping through the night.

In my dream, I got to the finish line but it was so crowded that everyone had to walk. I couldn't push my way through the crowd and so asked someone if I could get through since I was counting on this for my BQ (Boston qualifier). She turned and told me that I had plenty of time, and I looked to see that the time was 3:21. Still, I wanted to do my best. I didn't just run my hardest so I could walk across the finish line. I don't remember how exactly it worked out, but I never got to jump ahead of the line.

I always pull apart my dreams. Maybe its not about qualifying, or meeting a certain time. Maybe its about doing the best that you can in every circumstance, and every run during training. People ask what motivates you on race day. I think back on the last 4 months. I think about every morning run, every sore muscle, everything I passed up (from ice cream, to going out with friends) because I was training. If you don't give it 100% on race day, then it wasn't all worth it. I try to apply that to my morning run as well. If I got up yesterday to do a speed workout, it won't be as important if I don't push myself during my 8-miler as well (or worse, not get out of bed). Its all about gaining something each workout and applying what you've worked on.

Instead of dinner last night I had a bottle of wine (I know, super healthy, right?) since I was still full from my lunch at Smith and Wollensky's (I love, love, love restaurant week). I woke up this morning not really up for an intense speed workout and so opted for a 6-mile tempo run instead. I didn't push my pace enough, but it was still a pretty good run. This adds up to 40 miles this week instead of 38 and next week I'll break 40, with about 6 weeks of training left.

Today's run is my last before my second 16-mile run, and I hope that on Sunday I can give it all I've got and run it harder than last week. If I don't, then what was the point in doing that distance again? What was the point in the 24 miles of training to work toward it?

P.S.: Happy Friday!!

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