Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A running blog

I spent the better part of the morning on the Runner's World website reading forums and articles to learn more about training and to get motivated. Then I ran into running blogs and they were fantastic. I keep a running calendar, but I find myself more and more posting running quotes and training tidbits on twitter and facebook and so decided this is something I could love doing. Also, running research takes up a good amount of my time and now I have somewhere to post links.

People never understand when I say I'm going out for a run to relax. I admit, the idea is a little silly, but running is when I concentrate only on myself, and my mind is nearly completely free to wander. Its when I come up with ideas, from my and Chelsea's speech at our sister's wedding to what shoes I'm going to wear that day (which is a pretty monumental decision).

This morning,
I was up at 5am and out on the road by 5:40. I ran my 7.5 mile loop from my place to the Memorial Bridge, and I run up and down the Memorial stairs for about 2 songs. This is such a great addition to a run. I was so tired this morning that I couldn't think straight. Not sleepy, but tired. No idea why I have such a hard slump after mid-length and log runs. I usually have a quick recovery snack like you're supposed to, and then eat breakfast right before leaving for work. I've never done a mid-week long run, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Friday and I'll be off the road until Monday at the very least! Next time, I'm going to try to get some B-vitamins into my recovery and give myself more time to stretch.

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