Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lincoln Park Joggers

There are two things I can't stand to encounter during a run: joggers and tourists.

Don't get me wrong, I would encourage everyone to get outside and get their heart rate up, but Lincoln Park has one thin dirt path I loop around doing speed work, and when there is someone barely moving and in my way, its annoying. I have the urge to run past screaming: "This is what running looks like!" Especially since I have to hop over to the grass and risk twisting my ankle so that they can barely break a sweat. They frustrate me as much as the girls who put make-up on to go walk on the treadmill at the gym. Sometimes I go down to the cobblestone around the park to get away from them, but I can't imagine what will do to my poor knees.

When I'm not doing speedwork around Lincoln Park, my run usually includes the National Mall. If I get out too late for my long run, which I always do, my final stretch includes the 2-mile strip of monuments when the tourists have begun flooding in. Hell hath no fury like a runner who encounters 100 8th graders on Mile 12.

When its tourist season, I no longer go out running, but play a sport I like to call Tourist Dodging. The most challenging course is the Tidal Basin during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Yes, I've done it.

That said, I discovered the loop around Lincoln Park is actually .419 miles and not .45 like I thought. Oops. Meaning 8 laps and to and from the park is only about 3.5 miles and not 4. Now I need to add an extra lap to my speed workouts. I'm not too happy about that. Today, I ran without music, and was much more focused on speed. Really great run! I decided to take tomorrow off after my cupcake and chocolate day, and only do an 8-mile run on Thursday instead of a 10. I don't want to overdo it yet, and I need to do something for extra mileage next week! I'll add a decent stair workout so that its extra tough.

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