Monday, August 24, 2009

Only 10.2 to go

Yesterday was my 16-mile long run. Long runs are my absolute favorite. There is nothing like spending an entire morning jogging. I wasn't worn out, I didn't make it in the best time though, and I'm not sore today at all. Now, let me rant about the weather. At 8pm, I checked the hourly forecast to see if there were impending rainstorms Sunday. It was supposed to rain until 9am-ish and then stay pretty cool, so I decided to sleep in. Woke up at 6:30am and it was dry as can be. Seriously!? You would think they could get the forecast for the next 10 hours down. I ended up not getting out until almost 8 and hitting the hot sun within the first half of my run.

Usually I give myself the day after a long run off, and still run the day before. I switched this week and did a steady 6-mile run this morning, and it felt really great. It was a nice, cool morning with low humidity and it was the one I finally decided to go out in just a sports bra. I used to judge people who did this, thinking it wasn't a big deal to put a shirt on. Then, the humidity got worse, and when I removed my shirt upon getting home it was heavy and soaked. I decided to try going without one and I really loved not having a shirt on to soak up and hold me down with moisture. So, I might start doing it more often, please don't judge!

I usually give myself the day after off after a long run so I didn't have to wake up early on Monday. I'm so proud of myself for actually getting up. Especially now that its still dark out at 5:45am, I need to coach myself out of bed. It usually goes something like this.

5:45... too early... must go back to sleep

No no no no! I need to get in at least 40 miles this week.

'M tired.

Do NOT press that snooze button.

Its just 5 minutes!

Exactly, if you press it, you aren't up till 5:50, then you need to eat, get dressed, and I forgot to take out the trash... What did you just do?!

In case I fall back asleep. Better 5 minutes than 30. So warm in bed... sigh

5 minutes! Guess when everyone else who's out running this morning got up?

5 minutes ago?

Exactly! Did you want to qualify for Boston or not.

Right. Ok. Where are my bananas?

Yes, I talk to myself, no judging! This morning, I was reminded of the scene in Cool Runnings where they hold the alarm clock above the coach and tell him to get up because its "butt whipping time" and I totally need to get that audio as my phone alarm. Anyway, the best motivation is 6 miles=600 calories, and I have dinner at Coco Sala later this week (I planned a 10-miler for the day after).

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