Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still hungry

I was amazed yesterday to discover that I only have six weeks until Boston training starts. I adjusted my plan so that my training begins with a 12, rather than a 16-mile long run, to give me ample time to get back into running. Right now, I am taking three weeks off to heal my little toe.

Yesterday, I took a 55-minute long spinning class at the WSC, and it was a great workout, but I literally day-dreamed about running instead. Its hard to know you could run nearly 8 miles during that time, and burn about 300 more calories. I topped it off with a moderate core workout and an upper body workout. I had no energy as I left the gym, and picked up some peanut butter filled pretzels to keep me going as I headed home. I guess I need to get used to this whole working-out-after-work thing. The worst was not getting home until after 9 p.m.

Not only am I working out to build muscle, maintain aerobic capabilities, and satisfy my endorphin addiction, but I also wanted to drop a few pounds before Boston training starts, so that I can focus on fueling my workouts and not worrying about weight loss. I want to lose weight to get faster, to conserve energy, and to look more like a runner. But, this is really, really hard.

I know dieting and watching what you eat isn't supposed to be easy, but I am hungry all the time. And, I can eat a helluva lot of food before I'm full (I actually do not remember the last time I was). I realize that my metabolism is on high, but I'm no longer running miles a week to make up for food intake. I'm looking for a plan of attack right now.
  • First, I wanted to shrink my stomach with smaller meals and small snacks, but I need a good shopping trip for that.
  • I'm cutting a lot of animal products, so I am getting less calories from a lot more food. I'm focusing on whole grains, beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables. 
  • I'm also going to start eating a big breakfast, and have my meals get smaller throughout the day, with maybe just a salad for dinner.
Hopefully, that will be enough to trim some weight off my body, and gaining muscle will help too. The impending holiday season may kill me, but I just need to be extra good Thanksgiving weekend. My food journal is under links, check it out if curious and let me know if you think I'm just not eating enough.

Gyms aren't my favorite thing in the world. And, this "dieting" thing is tough. So, I've tried to remember that I'm still "in-training" for Boston right now, because rest is training. I've made the back of my computer screen a runner, with my goal time above. I'm thinking of getting 2:58 tattooed on my wrist... but methinks that would be taking things too far.

I just need little reminders that I want this, and that working hard now will have huge payoffs.

Happy off-season!


  1. You're doing great! Keep resting! Soon, you'll be back.
    Don't forget to include protein and fat. I'm like you, rarely full. I have to eat high fiber fruits and veggies but I still never feel full if I don't get a decent amount of protein and some fat too.