Thursday, November 12, 2009

Motivation fail

Yesterday's workout was very lame. I was so unmotivated. It was a miracle I even made it to the gym (the computer screen actually helped get me there!). I did about 50 squats with a 50 lb weight, 50 calf raisers, and then just decided to go up and do the stationary bike. I got out of work 30 min late, meaning I didn't get to the gym until around 6:45, and I just wanted to get home, make dinner, and relax. Luckily, I discovered the joy of having a tv screen at an exercise machine, and was able to sit and watch the Caps game while getting in a (very) light workout.

On the way home, I got ravenous, and so when I stopped for some cheese for my dinner, I ended up grabbing a bag of wasabi peas and snacked while walking home (a really bad habit I picked up from those damn Parisians). My pasta dinner got an entire handful of shredded Parmesan and I craved ice cream, but settled for some salty snacking before headed to bed. All in all, not a very good day. At least I have a lot to improve upon. Spinning workout is planned for 6:30, with a core workout following and a light upper body workout.

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