Friday, November 13, 2009

Endorphin fix

Yesterday, I tried out eating a big breakfast, and planning two mid-day snacks, and found that it really helped me with curbing hunger, cravings, and kept me satisfied all day! Also, I ate a small dinner, which was my plan, and was good without a second helping and with a few fig newtons for dessert.

My workout yesterday was awesome. Again, I really didn't want to go to the gym after work, but I took possibly the best spinning class of my life. Bruce, the Thursday at 6:30 class instructor at the WSC Connecticut Ave location, is everything a spinning instructor should be and kicked my ass. The class was pretty hard, with few recoveries, and when you slowed down he would call you out and snap his fingers to the cadence you ought to be at. At first, I thought it was really obnoxious, until I was dying and chanting 2:58 in my head just to finish one set of jumps. I was sweating profusely and worn out at the end.

My favorite thing about spinning classes is that you ultimately control the intensity. I always keep the resistance nice and high, because I feel more in control of the bike. Finally, I felt an endorphin high and that wonderful feeling of completing a great workout. I'm in such a good mood again. After, I did a strong, hard core workout with more planks that you can imagine, playing with the stability ball, and mixed an arm and core workout by lifting weights over my head.

Getting home at 8:45 is still pretty rough, but its perfect for a shower, a small meal, and getting a few things done before bed. This cross-training thing ain't too bad!

Its supposed to be 70 this Sunday, so I'm going to try to drag my visiting friend out kayaking in the Potomac and then I'm going to my first swim session Monday. Have a good weekend everyone!

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