Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gear advice? Anyone?

This is way too familiar: the post-MCM injury, the weeks off from running, lacking motivation, sleeping a lot, not wanting to do anything but go for long walks (sort of reminiscent of long runs), sit around, eat, and read/watch TV. I'm falling into endorphin withdrawal. I'm still staying focused on "training" and waiting for the three week running hiatus to end, but not gonna lie, I'm feeling really down. Luckily, I've got rock climbing and a hike planned for this weekend, and I'll be going home for Thanksgiving. Its been 10 days since my half-marathon, and 11 days left of toe resting before I start running again. ELEVEN!

I went to the gym three times last week, but this week my firm is at trial, and I've been hanging out until at least 6:30 everyday. I also have a bad infection that I've just started meds on. I've been dizzy and lightheaded all day, getting overheated, head aches, and the infection itself is really uncomfortable, and so I haven't been to the gym at all this week. I don't even want to go for long walks, since I get dizzy just sitting down. The last thing I want is to pass out, alone, in Northeast DC.

With all the clients and expert witnesses here, every meal has been catered with really good, free food that I can't help but eat. I know I'm eating too much, and its really bringing me down. That and I think its adding to my wacky fatigue levels. I've been sleeping about 9 hours a night, and I get tired too early, and I can't get out of bed early enough to keep myself to only 8 hours. However, it is flu season, and I want to stay healthy-ish. So, if my body wants 9 hours of sleep, I'll give it just that.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel good enough for a workout. Unfortunately, I really hated going to the gym last week after work. Getting home so late really put a damper on things. I want to try going to the gym in the morning, but that would mean lugging all my make-up, hair appliances, shower things, everywhere and everyday. I'm not fond of that either!

On another, non-whiny note. I need to put together a Christmas list to get the cold running and trial running gear I need. I need a few new pair of warm running pants, an under Armour base shirt, a windbreaker, a headlamp, and a Camelbak for long trial runs that can hold fluid and basic survival necessities. Also, I need one that will fit well on my tiny 5'2" frame. Any good recommendations for any of these? I'd like to find good pants that aren't $100. I have no idea how to search for a headlight. And, there are so many Camelbaks, most for bike riding, and I'm lost. Help!

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  1. I have a pair of REI running tights that I like pretty well; they are light, but warm without being too much. the pocket in the back is big enough for an ipod. for reference, I'm 5'3" and 110 lbs and I wear the small (their size chart is not accurate for these pants).

    -beth (I originally found your blog after MCM googling, but haven't commented yet I don't think, so hi!)