Monday, November 23, 2009

New and Creative

If you recall, my mantra regarding my toe was: I will use this as an opportunity to be creative and try new things.

Rock Climbing
I tried indoor climbing this weekend. I really enjoyed it. I was told that the owner of the climbing center, and many of their members, were runners who were injured and needed something new, and then it turned into a cross-training outlet. I can definitely see that. Charlie and I are going to get certified in a couple weekends to belay each other, and try to make it a twice a month activity. I only did 3 climbs, but man am I feeling it. Its a great workout for your whole body! The only problem is that it was no toe-happy. I definitely felt it, both during the activity and the day after. Its a bummer because if it was just going to bug my toe, I should have just gone running.

Jaclyn and I  got up at the crack of dawn Sunday to meet a 20-30s hiking group. We made it to the metro meet just fine, but got lost due to poor directions about 5 different times on the way out. The group left without us, but after two and a half hours of driving, we decided to go ourselves. This was also not exactly toe-friendly, especially since we had to climb over creeks a gazillion times, and my toe wanted to curl under to grip the rocks. Still, it was fun and I had a blast with Jacyln, as usual. She's one of those friends you can just relax around, and although we never, ever run out of things to talk about, we can also walk in the woods or drive in silence, and its comfortable, not awkward.

Gym Membership
From what I've always known about Gold's Gym, especially in the Buffalo area, is that they were always so difficult. So, when I won my 3 month membership to Gold's Gym Ballston (out in VA), I was ready for the midtown DC location to tell me they wouldn't honor it. Not only did they sign me up, but they gave me the rest of Nov, plus Dec-Feb! Totally awesome! Once Feb ends, it'll be monster month and I'll spend all my free time running, and so this is perfect. Today I start my spinning. I have some day passes to the Buffalo Athletic Club for this weekend. Gold's also offers Yoga classes that I want to try. They have a 2-hour Friday class I want to take.

I haven't gone yet, mostly because I'll have to deal first with proving I live in DC and I have to put a bathing suit on, and I'm not feeling it. Maybe I can even go to a public pool this weekend to get started, and steal some goggles from home.

All in all, I've been walking a lot more. I go for walks during lunchtime, I walked home from work a few times last week (about 3 miles), and I walked a lot this weekend. I'm trying to eat less, and healthier, and I'm doing ok with that. One week until I can start running again, but I want to take it easy, with some 3-5 mile runs, and then gradually work up. The last thing I want is another injury!

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