Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My MCM playlist!

Just finished a really yummy dinner of eggplant, spinach and artichokes with shrimp over whole wheat linguine. I listened through my iPod while walking home from work, which takes about an hour, and I think I have my mind made up on my playlist. My friend Megan is going to jump onto the course when I pass by GW and run about 5 miles with me! I'm really excited; I know she'll keep my pace up since she's a Cross Country champ. She runs 5ks at like, 5 minute mile pace.

I looked through the course while putting it together and came up with the following songs. I went off DCRunnerGrrl's directions, and as I read through her songs, realized we had a lot of the same music and found some great finds. As she did, I'll forewarn with "what pumps me up might leave you feeling flat and  (or offended, considering many of my pump-up songs are angry, misogynistic gangsta-rap songs that send my gender, and the human race, back a good century or so)."

Miles 1-3 are uphill, but I know I’ll have adrenaline like whoa. So here are 27 minutes of uplifting, but slower music so I don't burn out:
Born to run—Bruce Springteen
The Distance—Cake (Thanks Amy!)
I Gotta Feeling—Black Eyed Peas
Gives you Hell—The All-American Rejects
All Star—Smash Mouth (One of the best songs of the 90's)
Beautiful Day—U2
Miles 3-6 are downhill, so I’ll need 22 minutes of awesome songs, to keep my pace up but the effort will be easy anyway.
This is why I’m Hot—MIMS
Poker Face—Lady Gaga
Good Life—Kanye West (one of the best runner's high songs eva)
What you know—T.I.
Shakin Hands—Nickelback
Shut the Club Down—Girl Talk
Miles 6-8 are uphill, so I want 17 minutes of upbeat songs:
You Can Do it—Ice Cube… so you know, I’m reminded to put my ass into it
Harder Better Faster Stronger—Daft Punk
Shut up and drive—Rhianna
Mercy—Duffy (Since I will mostly likely be begging for it)
Shine—Joanna Pacetti
Run this Town—Jay-Z, Rhianna, and Kanye (Such a awesome song)
For the next two miles, I’m running downhill. So I just need 5 songs to get me down.
I Get Knocked Down—Chumbawamba
Lets Go—Trick Daddy
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich—Lady Gaga
Amour du Sol—Yelle
Kryptonitel—Purple Ribbon All-Stars

Miles 10 to 26 are pretty flat, so I can do the rest in 5-mile increments. From here we have 16 minutes until we need some Bon Jovi.
A Cause de Garcons—Yelle
Fame—Lady Gaga
Soldier—Destiny Child (you know, for the Marines at every water station)
Fighter—Christina Aguleria
Stronger—Kanye west
Living on a Prayer—Bon Jovi (Ooooh we're halfway there...)
Everything’s Magic—Angels&Airwaves (great runner’s high song)
Check Yes Juliet—We Three Kings (run baby run! Don't ever look back…)
Shake it—Metro Station
Miles 15 to 20 are around the National Mall to the 14th Street Bridge. I’ll need the motivation, but I’m saving my best songs for the last 10k. Plus, Megan will be joining me!
Welcome to the World—Kevin Rudolf
Party in the USA—Miley Cyrus
You can’t stop the beat—from Hairspray! :)
So What—Pink
The Adventure—Angels&Airwaves
I know you see it—Yung Joc
Over my Head—the Fray
Baby Got Back—Sir Mix A Lot
Starstruck—Lady Gaga
Let it Rock—Kevin Rudolf
If U Seek Amy—Britney Spears
Instigator—Kaci Brown
Don’t Stop—Michael Jackson
Burn it to the Ground—Nickelback
Last 10k: All my best songs, whether it’s a repeat or not!! This is when I put everything I have left into it
The War—Angels&Airwaves
Remember the name—Fort Minor
The Distance—Cake
Lose Yourself—Eminem
Move Along—All-American rejects

Bombs over Baghdad—Outkast
Je Veux Te Voir—Yelle
Lets Get Loud—J-lo
You can do it—Ice Cube
Run this Town—Jay-Z, etc.
Bombs over Baghdad—Outkast (Twice, because its proven that faster songs make you run faster)

Harder Better Faster Stronger—Daft Punk
The Climb—Miley Cyrus
That's it! If you have any awesome songs I need to have on here, please let me know!!!


  1. GREAT playlist — very similar to mine! I recently rediscovered B.O.B., and when it popped onto my playlist during a speed workout, I was like, hellooo, Outkast! Welcome back! Thanks for the shout-out, too — "Going the Distance" never fails to get me to put my game-face on.

  2. Man ... on a second read, I found LOADS of good stuff I'd never included before! You not only picked a good playlist to copy (har, har), you made my playlist for my next race!

  3. Nice list! Some good diversity there. Love your comments beside some of the songs. I found a great list of pump up songs if you want to take a look. Happy running!