Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nostalgia: MMT volunteering

Volunteering at MMT this year was a little sentimental. I wasn't very sad or bummed about not running it, especially since I was a little hungover and exhausted. I went to bed at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning thinking "the race starts in an hour" but I was warm in bed and grateful that I had 8 hours of sleep ahead of me.

Last year I volunteered with Brian at Camp Roosevelt and was finally introduced to VHTRC. I knew no one. I was surprised that as runners came into the aid station--everyone knew their name! After years of road running and never belonging to a running group, this was very odd. The thought of knowing all the volunteers, the race direction, the pacers, and spectator/photo support was foreign to me.

Doing CrossFit moves at ultra events.... I'm allowed to when Bobby Gill is around.

I remember meeting people who had run several ultras and finally started to understand how ultrarunners break every running rule in the book. These crazies ran an ultra every other weekend! I remember being surprised that there were so many young people and I was invited to WUS about 30 times.

Another tattoo picture :) Of course I was showing it off.

This year, I showed up in my WUS shirt. I knew at least a dozen runners. I knew the volunteers and most pacers--I was running around the camp chatting with my friends all night. More than ever, I was reminded of how awesome the VHTRC/WUS groups are. Even though I had run several ultras and 100 since my first exposure to ultrarunning last year, I felt the same admiration for the runners. I had the same awe when someone entered the aid station in bad shape, but was still courteous to all volunteers and in the end found the energy to stand up and go on. David Ploskonka was especially impressive; he was at Camp Roosevelt for over three hours but he went on to pull through and finish the race.

I have buckle envy.
Congrats to all the runners and thanks for letting me be involved in some small way (quesadillias anyone?!). Here are some awesome race reports:

Doug Sullivan - PRed on the course by over 4 hours!

Rob Colenso - First 100M finish!

Kim Love-Ottobre - First MMT finish!

Dave Ploskonka - A serious fast dude who proved that he can dig deep and finish a bad race.

Neal Gorman - Impressive 2nd place finish!

Thanks to Bobby Gill for all the pictures.


  1. Volunteering is so fun and rewarding, isn't it? It really makes me feel like I'm a part of the action even though I'm not running.
    Funny to think a year ago I only knew you from Twitter! So glad you decided to show up at WUS!


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