Friday, April 22, 2011

Inaugural WUS Doughnut Run

I don't remember why I came up with the idea that the WUS group should run from headquarters to Krispy Kreme and eat 12 doughnuts. I think it was because I was injured, and couldn't run much but since I could eat doughnuts, this was a way to still do a WUS event. The "race" probably doesn't need a report, the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks to Martha and Neal for organizing, and to everyone who came out to run it. Thanks to Bobby Gill and Keith Knipling for taking pictures!

We started off at WUS headquarters... 15 minutes late and wearing our new WUS shirts!
The 10k/6 doughnut option runners are off!

The lonely 5k/12 doughnut runners.
We're so legit that we had on-trail photographers!
So many more to go. Anna and I were the first ones there, not because we were fast but because we ran 1/2 the distance.

Sean couldn't run because he recently shattered his thumb during a tough 50 miler.
I was totally that kid who's mother always said "Stop playing with your food!"
Neal ate his 6 doughnuts in the time that I ate two... and had a few more for extra measure.
Doug decided to make a large sandwich with all 6.
@ultrarunnergirl and her hubby ate a few doughnuts then went to eat sushi.

Doughnut running is as dirty as trail running.
We're done! Everyone told me that I couldn't do it. This is exciting as running 100 miles.
"The doughnuts are pushing forward my six-pack."


  1. Ooooh..I would have been sick after 2 donuts. Looks like fun.

  2. Haaa! Great blog post on this race.

    I couldn't believe how tasty those donuts were after a little running. Even though I wasn't running the whole 10k I was seriously considering eating more than the 3 I put down. Thank goodness I had to save room for sushi.

    You are the undeniable QUEEN of DONUT EATING. I bow to you!

  3. This is hilarious. I haven't had Krispy Kremes in over a year because I hate five in one afternoon and they made so sick I thought I would die. I love the shirts too. I want to run with you guys just so I can have a shirt.

  4. Thank goodness I had to save room for sushi.
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