Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to back

I know, I know... I have yet to do a Boston race "review" talking about how awesome it was. But, honestly, I'm not really over it yet. Gimme some more time before I can speak fondly about the experience. Yes, I'm aware its been more than 20 days, but every time I run I regret so much about it. Getting over a bad race is no fun.

Since Boston, I had to take a week off to recover and that Saturday did a 15 mile trail run with my friend Brian. It was our first time meeting up in person, and I recognize that meeting someone you met over the internet for the first time by hanging out alone in the woods is not very smart. However, we got e-mail addresses from a mutual friend, so I was pretty sure he was cool. He was, in fact, and the run went really well. I was finally able to move without grimacing from pain, and I was sore once again the day after. We're running both the NF 50-miler and Grindstone 100--we should become good friends.

Then, I had a foot stress injury, and needed to take a few days off. I meant to do a long run in Western (not upstate) New York while I was visiting the weekend of May 1st, but I got lost and couldn't find the trail. Yes, I got lost with a GPS. Don't judge.

Last week, I did two mid-length runs while my sister was visiting, and then had a great weekend which really upped my confidence. I did back to back 20 mile runs (ok, 19.3 and 19.55) and they both went really well. The second one went better than the first, and I just still felt so strong and fresh. 39 miles in one weekend! Whoa!

Also, I didn't really take time to recover. After my first 20 miles, I got home, put my feet up, drank a smoothie, and then got ready, made french toast, and then went around with my sister visiting monuments and such. We did a lot of walking. Once we ate dinner and took a bus home I passed out in bed and got a little less than 8 hours of sleep. My legs were dead and I doubted I could do another long run in the morning.

I woke up early feeling so refreshed. I ate a quick breakfast and got out before 8am, to give me more time since I hit the trails. I ran out to the C&O towpath, crossed the chain bridge, had fun on some trails (played fetch with a dog) and then headed back on the super rocky trail. The really rocky mile took only 23 minutes this time (a 5 min PR), but no one else was out so I could do it more quickly. The trail to asphalt transition was tough on my feet (especially in my MT 100s) but I was amazed with how fresh my legs felt, and how well I could handle the rocks already 12 miles into my run.

After, I didn't sit down until getting to the metro an hour or so after (and another mile walking), walked around the Holocaust Museum for 2.5 hours, and didn't really sit until 7pm. Lots of time on my feet this weekend, and I'm so surprised my body isn't completely drained. My legs are feeling a little stiff, but some swimming tonight, stretching, and foam rolling will do me well. My race is less than a month away! I can't wait till I can call myself an ultramarathoner!


  1. Back-to-back 20-milers makes you a weird kind of awesome. Sheesh! :)

  2. 仇恨是一把雙刃劍,傷了別人,也傷了自己...............................................................