Thursday, February 25, 2010

Training update!

My training has been going really well. I'm focusing on just getting the miles in, enjoying myself, staying injury free, and cross training. I ran 26.82 miles last week, and did just one gym day with a spinning class and a core workout. I really think I needed that week to just step back and take a deep breath.

My 16-mile long run was really good. I felt great and it was beautiful weather. I was able to run on the Mt. Vernon trail a little (although I had to climb over a tree to get onto the bridge) and I was so excited about this that I actually screamed with joy when I saw the large portions of cleared trail. Then, I was able to run around Haines Point, which was very pleasant!

On Monday I spent a whole hour in the pool and I focused on using my arms and core more and just letting my sore legs recover. It felt great and I got home, stretched, and had fun with my foam roller. Yesterday I did a 10 mile bike ride during lunch, stretched, and felt great all day. I topped off the day with an accidental 9.5 mile run instead of 8.

This week I'm running 29 miles. I'm planning on the gym today, running to work tomorrow, a yoga class tomorrow, a quick spin on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. I feel like I'm still working hard, and by mixing up the activities, I'm not overusing any part of my body. My IT-band feels good too!

I've basically planned out the rest of my year using goals on Garmin Connect. And, I've updated my tentative race schedule. I'm going to be taking things slow to avoid any more injuries.

My sugar-fast is going really well! I really don't even crave it anymore! Tomorrow, the office is getting doughnuts, but I am determined to resist them!

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